Taking on the greatest challenges of the 21st century, through the ingenuity and audacity of the New American University.


Arizona State University

Positioning × Communications Campaign × Naming × Visual Identity × Collateral × Stakeholder Engagement

Role: Lead Designer
Studio: Bruce Mau Design

Arizona State University had an ambitious strategic plan: to remake the American university, rethinking the university’s role and the way it is structured.

Working with ASU President Michael Crow, the team developed a new communication program — framing an inclusive and overarching vision of the New American University that speaks to a variety of audiences. 

We engaged students, alumni, board members, donors, faculty and staff to frame the university’s brand values and vision. This led to a platform that focuses on the issues we face in the 21st century and the university's commitment to meeting them, called the ASU Challenges.

We worked with ASU to translate their brand visually and verbally to inspire their diverse stakeholders. The team designed key rollout pieces that helped establish the master brand visual identity and messaging.

Key pieces included a galvanizing brand video that the team wrote, scored, and produced. We also created the Challenges website, an online interface where visitors learn about key initiatives. 

The ASU challenges video can be seen here.