Giving vision and voice to a revitalizing neighbourhood.


The Canary District

Vision × Naming × Visual Identity × Stakeholder Engagement

Role: Lead Designer
Studio: Bruce Mau Design

The Canary District is a new 35-acre development in downtown Toronto. This mixed-use residential neighbourhood features a new YWCA, affordable housing, retail, restaurants, and a college student residence.

The team was invited to develop an overarching vision for the project that would characterize the neighbourhood and become the foundation for its brand. 

Through a facilitated process with prominent local and international architects, landscape architects, developers, and community advocates, the team crafted at a singular yet flexible direction for the area. The project considered issues related to business, government, education, community, and tourism. 

We also helped the broader project team translate the vision into a strategic guide for spatial design and events programming. 

We then led a naming process, ultimately arriving at The Canary District, inspired by the historic Canary Restaurant building that acts as a gateway to the area. The team also developed the iconic visual identity system for this new neighbourhood.