Expanding awareness of a most important mission: to empower students to make ethical choices.


Facing History & Ourselves

Communications Campaign × Naming × Messaging × Visual Identity × Collateral × Brand Video

Role: Creative Director
Studio: Bruce Mau Design

Facing History & Ourselves creates curriculum that allows the past to have new meaning for students. The lessons of history — otherwise trapped in antiquity and difficult for young people to engage with — instead become powerful sources of identity-definition and empowerment. Students learn the importance of choice and the fact that individuals change the course of society. Facing History has been fostering more active citizens since 1977. 

In recognition of their 40th year, the team was invited to create a branded communications campaign that would expand awareness and rally support. As the name of the organization itself is complex, we crafted a simple yet inspiring expression of their mandate — to Pave the High Road for students. When faced with adversity, students take the road to compassion, and Facing History paves the way. 

Through a collaborative process, the team created the campaign theme, name, messaging framework, visual identity, collateral, and launch video. The work has given Facing History & Ourselves a powerful verbal and visual toolkit to take the message of their important ambition to new audiences.