Inspiring support by embracing the inherent contradictions of architecture and design.


Harvard GSD Grounded Visionaries Campaign

Communications Campaign × Naming × Messaging × Visual Identity × Collateral × Wayfinding

Role: Creative Director  
Studio: Bruce Mau Design

The Harvard University Graduate School of Design was embarking on its most important campaign to date — raising one-hundred-million dollars in support of the students, faculty, and design leaders who will give form to the 21st century.

The GSD first engaged the team to articulate the big idea of the campaign. Inspired by the balancing of contradictions inherent in the GSD’s approach to architecture and design, our team developed the Grounded Visionaries name, the messaging, and a communications framework that organizes the various stories and funding priorities of the campaign within a compelling narrative structure.

The team also designed the visual identity and graphic system for the Grounded Visionaries campaign. We then worked with the development team at the GSD to develop a communications strategy to identify and connect with priority audiences during and after the launch of the campaign. 

Bringing the graphic and verbal systems to life, the team created and produced the invitation, program, banners, animations, and graphic installations for the launch event, as well as all signage and wayfinding.