Capturing the charitable mission in an unexpected medium.

Interior Design Show: Artist Chair Interventions

Art Installations

Role: Creative Director & Designer
Studio: Bruce Mau Design

As a fundraiser for local charities, the Interior Design Show invites artists and designers to modify and reinvent iconic chairs. The chairs are exhibited and auctioned at the show.

The studio was invited to create two pieces — one in support of ONE X ONE (a children's charity) and the other for the Casey House (a care-provider for those living with HIV & AIDS).

For each, the cause inspired the design concept.

For ONE X ONE, a hidden landscape tucked inside the children's chair reflects a child's love for secret worlds and discovery. In this tiny land, a figure stands, looking over the landscape, ready to embark on an adventure.

For the Casey House, the goal was to warm up the classic Pantone chair, transforming it into a beacon of love and support. Flocking in two-tone red took the surface from hard plastic to a soft velvet. Emblazoned with a large read heart, it symbolizes love and support.

Lastly, an intricate pattern hand-carved into the base of the chair projects a heart-halo onto the wall using a custom light fixture. This gives the seated guest a pair of glowing, heart-shaped wings.