Balancing graphic impact with a wealth of information.

Harvard GSD Lecture Series Poster

Print Design

Role: Creative Director
Studio: Bruce Mau Design

Each year, the Harvard Graduate School of Design invites a designer or artist to create the school’s fall and spring Lecture Series posters.

A cornerstone of every major architecture school's annual program, the Lecture Series and its accompanying posters capture the breadth and depth of the creative discourse at the school.

As the posters are both a point of artistic pride and a highly informative tool for the GSD, they must balance striking graphic impact with a wealth of information. Taking a hierarchical layering approach, the team used colour shifts, metallic printing effects, and a grid of angled title bars to balance bold aesthetic with content clarity. 

The angle of the bronze title bars denotes that event’s category: evening program, noon-time lecture, or exhibition.

The single-event posters, displayed at each lecture, feature an abstracted close-crop of that event’s section of the poster.