Inspiring the crowds of Nuit Blanche to get creative.

Nuit Blanche: Begin Anywhere

Art Installation

Role: Lead Designer
Studio: Bruce Mau Design

Nuit Blanche is Toronto’s annual all-night art festival. The streets are transformed into a city-wide experiential art gallery. Using the entire studio’s 5th floor window-scape as a canvas, the BMD office became a massive typographic beacon. 

Experimental composer John Cage once suggested “begin anywhere” as the starting point for any creative endeavour — avoiding the paralysis of the question “where do I start?” Inspired by this advice, the team decided to share the message with the crowds of Nuit Blanche. 

Using hand-cut stencils and colour-changing LED projection lighting, the team crafted and installed seven-foot tall lettering that acted as a beacon for creative possibility.