Playing with duality to unify a multi-disciplinary arts organization.


Pulitzer Arts

Naming × Visual Identity × Collateral × Website

Role: Associate Creative Director
Studio: Bruce Mau Design

Pulitzer Arts is a progressive arts foundation and museum founded by Emily Pulitzer in St. Louis. Despite an incredibly diverse programming roster, a remarkable Tadao Ando designed gallery space, and almost 15 years of free access to the public, Pulitzer Arts experienced a lack of public awareness. 

Ready to embrace the next phase in their ongoing evolution, Pulitzer Arts invited the team to create their new visual identity and website. Our research revealed a set of dualities which the organization has since embraced as a foundation of their brand. We also recommended the renaming of the organization, from The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts to Pulitzer Arts.

The visual identity stems from this understanding of constant oscillation between inherent dualities, setting the two words in balanced yet distinct typefaces. We established a graphic system that uses the space between the words as a structural spine in all layouts.

The website furthers this principle, using this "spine" to visualize connections between seemingly distinct programs, exhibitions, collaborators, and ideas — allowing visitors to travel along a secondary navigation, driven by topical associations across the various departments of this multi-disciplinary arts organization.