Creating unexpected moments of discovery in the spaces in-between.


Showtime House

Art Installation

Role: Creative Director
Studio: Bruce Mau Design

The Showtime House is the Television Network’s annual multimedia show-house during New York’s Fashion Week. The 2010 edition took over three penthouses atop Manhattan’s iconic Cassa Hotel, transforming these remarkable spaces into show-stopping rooms of modern design inspired by seven Showtime original series.

The team was invited to create an installation for the transitional spaces that bridge the seven featured shows. Using a trompe-l'œil technique called anamorphosis, our team hand-painted an iconic symbol for each show that is perfectly viewable from only one location. From all other vantage points, the images become highly distorted graphic abstractions.

This treatment speaks to the complex and often fragmented nature of Showtime's lead characters, and filled the navigation of the spaces with moments of discovery.