Taking an ephemeral lecture series into the digital world.


Trampoline Hall

Visual Identity × Digital Applications × Art Installation

Role: Creative Director
Studio: Working Session

Trampoline Hall is a barroom lecture series that has been delighting audiences every month in Toronto for fifteen years, where it has sold out every show. Praised by The New Yorker for “celebrating eccentricity and do-it-yourself inventiveness,” it asks lecturers to take a vulnerable, theatrical risk and speak on a subject they’re not professionally expert in.

With over a decade of recorded shows, Trampoline Hall was launching a weekly Podcast, drawing on their remarkable archive.

Working Session was invited to create a new logo and cover artwork for the show. Wanting to ensure that this new digital experience remained grounded in the live show, the icon references the stage where the lectures take place, and an element of magic or mystery happening there.

Our team was also asked to create an art installation for the launch event. We designed and installed a physical version of the identity—a giant, glowing yellow cone stretching floor to ceiling of the stage.